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  • 4.85 (40 Votes)
  • Alternative Name:총사; Chongsa; 總士; 銃士; Gunner; Mousquetaire; Musketeer
  • Demographic:Shounen
  • Genre(s):Action, Adventure, Historical, Martial Arts
  • Author(s):Kim Joon-hyung
  • Artist(s):Park Sung-woo
  • Status(s):Completed
  • Rank:578th
  • Type:manhwa
  • Summary:
    The King's royal guards, comprised of warriors who possess the top skills in all the nations. People call them the "Musketeers". If a Musketeer serves Korea's king, they are revered and honored. From all the Musketeers, there were three at the very top that received pra... MORE
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Gunner Chapters